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If you’re looking to take out a mortgage, then you are looking to the future. As we have no way of knowing what may happen in our lives it makes good sense to protect your family as well as your investment, and this is a service we can readily offer no matter what you are aiming to protect.

With years of industry-specific experience, our team can help find the right protection. Illness, loss of income or even death are all accounted for as we meticulously ensure that whatever misfortune comes your way, those most important to you are still looked after.

Life Assurance

If you have family or other individuals that simply could not get by without you, it is possible that life insurance would benefit them in time of predicament. Whilst it may seem morose to think about death it is an undeniable inevitability, and so for anybody that wants to make sure their family and loved ones can manage if the worst should happen, life assurance provides that peace of mind.

Life assurance is exactly what it sounds like – cover in the unfortunate event of death. There are different options within life assurance, chiefly level term or decreasing life cover. The former pays a fixed sum in the event of death whilst the second works on a sliding scale that gradually decreases. Our team will be happy to talk you through the various alternative options to decide what is best once all your circumstances are carefully assessed.

Serious Illness

Whilst medical science has given us a better chance of beating serious illnesses, our quality of life can be affected to the extent that it impacts on our lives irrevocably. A serious illness may mean that the sufferer is unable to return to work, and this can often leave the family in a very testing position.

When you take out serious illness insurance you guarantee that you and your family will be able to cope with a dilapidating illness. Cancer, heart attacks and strokes all fall under serious illness and the lump payment that you will be entitled to should the worst happen will be a necessity in difficult times.

Other Products

In addition to life assurance and serious illness policies, we also cover a variety of other instances. Family Income Benefit (FIB) works under the same premise in the sense that a pay-out is made in the event of a death, yet the structure of the payment is monthly. This helps the family manage the money and adds continuity at a time full of change. Income protection is a long-term plan that puts in place a series of payments akin to a salary, paid in over a long period of time and payable upon death or in the event that you can no longer work, subject to your choice of cover.

Business Protection is a policy to protect a business should an integral figure is unable to work for a reason pertaining to serious illness or death. Whilst this may be a sad time on a personal level the business must go on, and so our Business Protection helps with the financial ramifications of replacing a key figure and can even help avoid certain costs such as inheritance tax and liabilities.

We are happy to explain the various options available and provide you with a quotation.

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